MGM Resorts

Work created by our in-house agency team at MGM Resorts. I was ECD on all, crafting concepts and jumping in as a writer when needed.

Mandalay Bay #WhatsWinter

Winter weather in Vegas is so mild, coping with the cold isn’t really a thing. So we created this social/email campaign to lure visitors from colder climates by sharing our sun-soaked take on cold weather gear. Behold, the Mandalay Bay Winter Collection. Look for Frozen Margarita Holders in the resort gift shop soon.


Moorea: Facebook Live

How do you promote a topless pool on family-friendly social media? It's easy with a little help from the Facebook Reactions Emojis. Watch the FB Live video below.

Libertine Social - Dare From The Hare

For Chef Shawn McClain’s newest restaurant Libertine Social we created Dare From The Hare, a card game designed to make every visit as liberating and social—or socially awkward—as it is delicious.


MGM Grand - You’re Going To Have A Story To Tell


MGM Grand is all about spectacle and entertainment. Just ask Lil Jon, Steve Aoki, Chef Morimoto and Jabbawockeez. Whatever you do here, you're going to have a story to tell. 2018 Shorty Awards Winner.