Hi. I'm Wade.

As a CD, I've led creative teams in the U.S. and Japan. As a Writer, I've worked on everything from big budget TV to websites and fast food tray liners.

I’ve presented work to U.S. Army Generals, a U.S. Congressman and countless CMOs. Along the way, I've found that I really enjoy helping younger Creatives navigate this crazy business. I’ve had some great mentors and it feels good to pass that along.

I’m also lucky to have worked with some of the top production companies and directors in the world, including Spike Lee, Tool, Paul Middleditch, Keith Rose, TRAKTOR, @radical and Industrial Light & Magic.

Avid musician since high school. Never met a Fender Stratocaster I didn't like.

Husband, dog owner, Taurus, Guitar Center customer extraordinaire.

You can also find me here: